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Day in the Life – Farm Diary 1

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 It’s a sunny day (15C) with the wind continuing to blow: we welcome the warmth but like all farmers, are concerned the winds are going to blow the moisture out of the soil. Our daily (morning

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A Spicy Surprise

It’s amazing how life arranges for us the lessons that we are still not sure how to take. While I have been playing with and learning about fermentation over the last 6months – the question that has lingered the longest

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Salt and Sauerkraut

I’ve talked a lot about the what and why of fermentation – my case made for the importance of and fun within fermentation, so I am going to shift gears to the how with the common fermentation practice of making

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I’m Cheap & Like to Play with Food

As I mentioned in my last article – fermenting has become my obsession. It started with making wine and beer (although I didn’t think of that as fermentation in the same light) and then I moved on to ‘pickling’ vegetables

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