TURKEY: Pasture-Raised, Soy & GMO-Free


Hunting grasshoppers

We are raising turkey in 2017 however are done taking pre-orders. Once our harvest is complete in August 2017 we will know what we still have available for sale at that time.  To stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you informed.


Our turkeys are pasture-raised in an open system where we move their shelters, feed and water but allow them to roam in an open area, secured by electric netting, hunting down their favourite snack: grasshoppers.  The feed we purchase is non-medicated,  100% soy-free and corn-free, GMO-FREE, raised organically.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are raising Bronze Orlopp Turkeys this year – starting them in late May with our first batch of chicks and having them butchered in time for your Thanksgiving table.    We do not have them processed into breasts, legs, etc – they only come as whole, roasting birds.

We expect them to finish in a range of 16-18lbs and are $6.20/lb





Curious and Friendly Birds



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