PORK: Pasture & Bush Raised, Soy & GMO-Free


New arrivals, fall 2012

We are now taking wholesale pork orders for Fall 2017 – place your order here.
We will still have packages and individual cuts available, find details here.

Apple-Finished, Bush-Raised

We run a farrow-finish pork operation which means we we have two Berkshire/Large Black sows (Mildred & Agatha) and a Duroc boar, Randy.

Our pigs live outdoors with access to shelter and fresh straw for shelter and bedding and fresh water to drink.  In summer – they have a full mud hole to roll in (pigs don’t sweat which is why they roll in the mud). We are constantly moving their paddocks to ensure they have grass to snack on along with access to the bush, their natural habitat.  We time their finishing so we can have their last month be rich in apples and any other fruit & vegetable we can arrange.  We usually have your meat ready for delivery by the end of November.

The feed we purchase is undesiccated, non-medicated,  100% soy-free and corn-free, GMO-FREE.

Piglets venturing our for the first time

Piglets venturing our for the first time

Our pork is available by the whole and half, and the next batch will be ready by Fall 2017 (late Naovermber).   The price is $5.00/lb hanging weight (approximately 180lbs for a whole) plus processing fees.**

TO ORDER – complete this form. 

Processing fees vary greatly, depending on the amount of cured products you request (bacon, hams, cured loins, hocks, etc). Last year a half pork varied from $600-900 total, depending on weight and processing.

We will work with you to help you select a set of cutting instructions that best fit your needs (we are updating these and will make them available closer to harvest.)

Meat account investors are given the first notice and opportunity to purchase.

“I’m so glad we got the full side! It is seriously the most delicious pork I have ever had! We had a ham for Christmas morning and everyone agreed it was the best!” – Teresa McLaren
** We currently process our pork at Family Meats in Ponoka.  Processing fees are listed on their custom meat cutting chart.

Happy Pig

Happy Pig

4 comments on “PORK: Pasture & Bush Raised, Soy & GMO-Free
  1. Donna Mueller says:

    I’m wondering if your pork has less fat than the typical store bought? We like pork but don’t eat much because if the high fat, don’t agree with typical farming practices and some just doesn’t taste good anymore. I also feed my dogs raw and buy beef offal and bones from them . Do you leave bones there too? In the UK pig feet are regularly fed to dogs but with reasons stated above, I haven’t fed. I did feed my dogs a pig skull once and they did enjoy it. Is there a place to buy some cuts to try before commiting to a whole 1/4 or 1/2? I live in Edmonton.

  2. Earth Works Farm says:

    Hi Donna,

    Actually – we raise heritage breeds so they have not been bred to have less fat than your commercial/industrial pork – they have the traditional fat levels so I can’t really say they are leaner. Being pasture-raised and active, they do carry the fat different and it is fat that our customers value as a natural source of Vitamin a & d.
    We can get you bones, offal, feet for your animals – as well.
    Later in the fall we will have smaller meat packages for sale – if you sign up for our newsletter, on our site, you will receive information when they are available.
    Thanks for your questions.

  3. Tara says:

    Hi Brenda – a vegetarian friend of mine posted a video of farm hands cutting male piglets testicles off. It was disturbing. I don’t know anything about raising pork but I would love some information.
    Do you castrate your piglets to prevent boar odour? If so how do you do so humanely?

  4. Earth Works Farm says:

    Hi Tara –

    We do castrate. We did one trial with 4 male pigs and did not castrate but found they all carried ‘taint’ and thus we could not use their meat.
    We castrate within the first 7 days and use an oral analgesic (pain-killer).

    We are following the Animal Welfare Approved standards and are looking to be certified by them when they come through Alberta again.


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