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Meat Account 2018 now available!

Based on feedback and conversations, we realize that while buying meat wholesale (sides of beef, whole pork, multiple roast chickens) saves investors money and is convenient for you because you have lots of cuts on hand, it can also be hard financially. Our products are primarily available in the fall, having been raised on grass and forage all summer long but that can turn into a large single, expense item for your household budget.

Therefore – we have our Meat Account Program for you to join:
this is a savings account where you make ‘deposits’ of cash and ‘withdrawals’ in meat

Benefits of our meat account program:
– allows you to distribute the majority of your meat costs across the year while still having access to wholesale cuts, which are mostly all available in the late summer/early fall
– allows you first choice of our products as they come available
– lets us know what our investors are most interested in
– gives us some income throughout the year versus in large sums in the fall

This is how it works:
– sign up below and we will be in touch with payment details
– make your initial payment into the meatshare (first payment is a minimum of $100, after that you can make payments as often and as large/small as works for you)
– we will send you regular reminders of the account as well as balances
– you will receive first notice and priority for booking when products are available
– you can use the payments made throughout the year towards your choice of meat products
– if your order is more than what is in your meatshare account, you can pay for the balance remaining upon pick-up/delivery

Make a deposit of $100 and receive first choice of the meat products available in the fall. Then make regular deposits into your meatshare with Earth Works Farm to alleviate having a large investment to make in the fall.

Estimating your meat needs and costs: You can estimate your overall meat budget using the following costs – estimates ONLY.  Exact prices are listed on each product page on this site.
– 1/4 side of beef: $1000
– 1/2 side of pork: $750+ (highly variable depending on your processing preference)
– whole chicken: $30 each – size dependent (other cuts available, see pricelist here)
– whole turkey: $125 each (size dependent, approx 18lbs)

Ready to Sign-up or want more information?  
Contact us at or 403-742-9827

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