CHICKEN: Pasture-Raised, Soy & GMO-Free

Various shelters inside the paddock

Various shelters inside the paddock


We have limited quantities of 2017 chicken left – order here:


Our chickens are pasture-raised in an open system where we move their shelters, feed and water twice a day. Something unique to our system is that we have built our brooder so that they are on grass at the age of 1 day old!

They are given about an acre to roam in which means that all day long they can scratch for bugs (chickens are omnivores) and fresh shoots and roots to eat along with the grain they are provided.


Out for lunch

The feed we purchase is non-medicated, 100% soy-free and corn-free, GMO-FREE, organically-grown.

We raise the ‘standard’ Cornish Rock Giants however feed them a ‘cooler’ ration, which means they grow slower and have fewer health issues than in typical operations.

Buying a whole chicken and using it in a variety of ways can be one of the most economical ways to eat healthy meat. A 3kg bird can provide up to 4-5 meals: it should feed around 3-4 adults with leftovers for salad or sandwiches plus a nice carcass for making soup.

Chicken Prices:
Whole Chicken – $13.5/kg (approx. 4kg) 
Breasts, 2/pkg – $25/kg (approx. 1.3kg per pkg)
Legs, 4/pkg – $21/kg (approx. 1kg per pkg)
Wings, 6/pkg – $12/kg (approx. 0.5kg per pkg)
Carcasses/backs for soup – $15/pkg

Place an order:

“Hi Brenda! – Just wanted to let you know we ate the chicken breasts we got from you on Friday. They were amazing. I stuffed them with pesto and cream cheese. Kind of sloppy (cooks fault) but OMG!! They were delicious. They were much bigger than I expected too…probably could have shared two amongst the four of us. Oh well…the leftovers were great for lunch next day. Can’t wait for the next chicken feast!” – Angie Dedrick


Brood on grass


Enjoying clover



2 comments on “CHICKEN: Pasture-Raised, Soy & GMO-Free
  1. Helen says:

    I am interested in buying bones to make chicken broth… how do I do this?

  2. Earth Works Farm says:

    Hi Helen –
    We have the carcasses/backs packaged for soup making at $15/pkg (there are 3-4 backs in a package) or you can buy a whole chicken and then after cooking and using the meat, use the bones from it. To order, please complete our order form:

    Our next markets and delivery dates are here:

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