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Below we have some general information about how we raise our animals, the relationships we are cultivating, and the direction we are moving:

Healthy soil is key
Our move to a new farmstead means we are focused as much on the soil and land that our animals will live on, as the animals themselves.  We are working on a holistic soil nutrient plan.  Healthy soil will produce healthy forage and grain-crops, which will be the food our animals eat and will be the meat we provide to you.


EcoLiving Fair 2013

Integrated systems
We are also working to integrate the animals into systems where they play the role of fertilizers, cultivators, aerators, pest-control, and any other job they are willing to sign up for.  As we build up our new farmstead we are looking to use silvopasture and alley cropping systems to enhance this.  Since 2011 we have planted over 6000 trees of a variety of types – including fruit and nut trees to provide food for us and the animals.

You are an investor
You are investing in us and our way of farming; investing in yourself in terms of the food you eat; investing in the relationships and businesses that are part of building a community-based food system; and investing in the ecosystems that support us all.

Support other food-preneurs
We use small, local abattoirs for processing our animals and are partnering with local entrepreneurs to market our products.  We are open to collaborate and cooperate with other farmers.


3 comments on “Our Products
  1. Tammy Day says:

    Hi…I was just looking over your website and thought I’d drop a line.

    You are doing what we are dreaming of doing here in Northern Alberta. We are south of Grande Prairie on a quarter that is about 80% broke land, which is in old fescue bottom. It hasn’t seen any cultivation in 14 years, nor any chemicals. This spring we moved onto the property and have just begun our farming venture with a few chickens, more pullets ordered, and lots of eggs in the incubator.

    The pastured poultry idea has been top-of-mind for me for a few years. My health has been a huge challenge and I believe that my diet has to be “clean” and nutritious in order for me to heal. Hence, the free range eggs that we already have and the meat that we will butcher later this summer.

    I appreciate being able to read about other people’s ventures. It helps me to know that what I want to do is definitely possible. Thank you for sharing through your website!

    All the best,

    Tammy Day
    Grovedale, Alberta

  2. Earth Works Farm says:

    Thanks Tammy!
    We really appreciate your message and its great to ‘meet’ others doing similar things… Our community may be small but its growing, no pun intended 🙂
    Have a wonderful summer… If we are ever up that way, we will try to stop in and you are welcome to visit here anytime.
    Brenda and Vance

  3. Donal Whelan says:

    For those of you raising Chickens, consider breeding for plumage as well. Huge potential in Fly Tying market. Not immediate results but a few entrepreneurs could make a healthy income from a previous “waste product”.

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