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Welcome back

The title of this post is perhaps a ‘welcome back’ to sharing here again – but it is much more important than that.  It is a ‘welcome back’ to connecting with our peers, our community. Last month the Organic Alberta

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Restoration Agriculture – Book for Sale

We have a few copies of Mark Shepard’s book, Restoration Agriculture, for sale.   Around the globe most people get their calories from “annual” agriculture — plants that grow fast for one season, produce lots of seeds, then die. Every

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Welcome Glenn Maximillian Barrit (Max)

We are proud to welcome into our lives our son, Glenn Maximillian Barritt – named after ‘elders’ from each side of our families.  We are all doing very well and enjoying the winter ‘quiet’ as we get to know each

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Fall Workshop with Mark Shepard: Farm Design for Bio-Intensive Food Production

We are very excited to be bringing Mark Shepard from New Forest Farm ( and author of the must-read “Restoration Agriculture” for 2 day workshop on designing a new/transitioning farmstead for bio-intensive food production. -WE ARE NOW SOLD OUT FOR

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Parenting styles on the Farm

A week ago we received our chicks from the hatchery. 500 little balls of yellow fluff that we raise for meat. This year we are trying out a new system, one that we have yet to hear of anyone doing:

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Learning about our Land

Anyone who has watched Vance’s digital story <click here to view> knows that the land we are moving on to has long been special to him. As a boy (and still) he would imagine wooly mammoth’s migrating along the creek

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Day in the Life – Farm Diary 1

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 It’s a sunny day (15C) with the wind continuing to blow: we welcome the warmth but like all farmers, are concerned the winds are going to blow the moisture out of the soil. Our daily (morning

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What’s in a name?

Last year Vance decided that we couldn’t name any of our animals that we would be butchering. Any mothers and fathers could be named but if someone was going to be eating the animal in the near future – if

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Letter to ECAReview Editor: What you eat impacts your community


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A Spicy Surprise

It’s amazing how life arranges for us the lessons that we are still not sure how to take. While I have been playing with and learning about fermentation over the last 6months – the question that has lingered the longest

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