Books & Resources

This is, nor can be, a comprehensive list of all the books and sites we have read or used.  It is a list of those we most visit and most recommend to others.

Websites and Magazines
Just a few from the shelf
Just a few from the shelf

EAT Wild
Sustainable Poultry Network
Tender Grassfed Meat
Weston A. Price Foundation


Animate Earth – Stephan Harding
All Flesh is Grass – Gene Logsdon
The Art of Fermentation – Sandor Ellix Katz
Barnyard in your Backyard – Damerow
Bringing it to the Table – Wendell Berry
Ducks & Geese in your Backyard – Rick & Gail Luttmann
Farming in Nature’s Image – Judith D. Soule & Jon K. Piper
Full Moon Feast – Jessica Prentice
Holistic Resource Management – Allan Savory
Nourishing Traditions – Sally Fallon
A Pattern Language – Christopher Alexander
Perfect Health Diet – Paul & Shou-Ching Jaminet
The Permaculture Handbook – Peter Bane
Restoration Agriculture – Mark Shepard
Salad Bar Beef – Joel Salatin
The Sheer Ecstasy of being a Lunatic Farmer – Joel Salatin
Tender Grassfed Meat – Stanley A. Fishman


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