Our Associations

The following organizations, people and resources are continuous sources of inspiration, ideas, and guidance. 

Our associations are our pollinators and we thank them for being there.

Our associations are our pollinators and we thank them for being there.

Mentors and Inspiration

Don Ruzicka – Sunrise Farm, Alberta
Mark Shepard – New Forest Farm, Wisconsin


The Green Pantry – Lacombe, Alberta
Farm Box – Canmore, Alberta
Redwood Meadows Community Bulk Buy – Alberta

Networks and Memberships


Calgary Permaculture Guild
Canadian Heritage Breeds
Grey Wooded Forage Association
Alberta Food Matters
Food Secure Canada
National Farmers Union
Red Deer River Watershed Association – Watershed Ambassadors
Seeds of Diversity
Weston A. Price Foundation


One comment on “Our Associations
  1. Don Ruzicka says:

    Hi Brenda and Vance,

    Your website is a 11/10! You have paid attention to every detail and leave nothing to the imagination. One of my goals is to have someone who has been influenced by our farm, influence our farm. Your website does this in spades. You are providing Marie and I with new ideas, possibilities and inspiration!

    Checking out all of your pages makes me want to visit your farm, buy your food, and learn more about caring for the earth.

    Your values, your farm and your website will be a “key” influence and example to those wanting to heal the land, themselves and their communities. Society is craving for hope; you and your farm are bright and shining beacons. And……….you have only just begun! The future is waiting for your leadership!

    Best to you both,

    Don & Marie

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