Our Goals & Principles


Through our farming activities we aim to promote ecosystems that nourish biodiversity and healthy life.  We are producing food by raising breeds and species that are selected and managed in ways appropriate for our climate and ecosystem.

Guiding Principles:

We are:

Native Crocus

Native Crocus

  • eating and sharing our food with family, friends, our community
  • treating all people as investors – in their health, their environment, their community and in us
  • working with energy flows: acknowledging life happens when things slow down (not stop), the value of edges, and observing actions/reactions/impacts
  • contributing to the restoration and maintenance of healthy ecosystems
  • building diverse and appropriate relationships with people who sustain us, in ways that provide support and opportunities to them
  • learning from and contributing to the wisdom of the places and people of rural Alberta
  • honest and upfront in sharing what we are doing, what we are learning, and where we want to improve
  • enjoying and supporting rural Alberta culture and arts

Why ‘Earth Works’:

‘Earth’ is about warm soil and all that grows in and on it; the renewal of life; our home from our immediate neighborhood stretching out to the whole globe.

‘Works’ invokes a verb: action, happening, evolving, tending, becoming something more; and a noun: the facility and the place.

‘Earth Works’ is a statement that is important to us.  The earth works: ecosystems and all of nature’s cycles know how to grow, produce, renew, and adapt.  We respect these cycles and systems, learning from and working with them.


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