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Earth Works Farm is the farming venture of Vance and Brenda Barritt.

We were both raised on family farms in Alberta – and both of us left our farms in our late teens in order to explore other horizons.  We each followed unique paths – picking up a variety of experiences and adventures along the way, getting to see and live in various parts of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Our wedding harvest - we proudly shared our chicken, beef & veg with family & friends.

Our wedding harvest – we proudly shared our chicken, beef & veg with family & friends.

After being gone from Canada and the countryside for many years, we both returned to home to rural Alberta in 2010 – Vance to his family farm and Brenda to nearby Stettler. We met during our moves home and very quickly, a new partnership was formed and in October 2011 – we were married and moved onto the farm where Vance was raised.  We are currently renting land from Vance’s mom and his dad, building up our own farming enterprise while working on succession planning.

2012 was our second summer raising pastured poultry and our first summer in full partnership on the farm.  We have also been slowly expanding our livestock – adding geese and pigs to our cattle, chickens and ducks.  A full reflection on 2012 can be found in this blog post.


Looking forward to the future.

2013 saw us continuing to focus on raising healthy livestock and nourishing food, which included starting to establish our own farmstead on Vance’s family land.  It is an exciting next step as we will be establishing our own infrastructure and management systems: the quarter we are developing into our farmstead doesn’t have a home or any buildings on it so we are getting the opportunity to plan and shape the design using the knowledge and inspiration we’ve gathered from courses and farm visits over the last years.   In December 2013 we also welcomed to our family a son, Glenn Maximillian.

In 2014 we continued to expand our beef and pork enterprises while also raising turkeys alongside our chickens.  The development of our new farmsite included the planting of over 1800 hazelnut bushes as part of our focus on perennial polycrops.

2015-2016 were years of continuous learning, improvement and expanding our available products and the markets we are in.

Our actions are guided by what we have learned through Holistic Management and Permaculture – and through the many mentors and friends we have found since making this big step.  We will share our adventures and what we learn along the way via our blog.

Thanks to our good friends at Cows and Fish, both of us were able to produce short video clips that tell more about us and our stories.

Vance’s story was completed this year, 2013, and talks about the land we are moving to and the hopes we have for it.

Brenda’s story was done just after she’d moved home to Canada, before we had started farming together or were married, giving a perspective on why being a farmer is important to her.

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